Thursday, 10 November 2011


Decisions made  quickly can be every bit as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately.....this what have learnt, that's reality........ 

prejudging people is the kiss of death you have to give everyone your best shot......this what have being taught 

.....but seriously how many more people are my going to give a shot, how many more guys are my going to listen to their crappy talk....... mean so much to me, i appreciate you a lot...have lost a lot of people that i care about, please stay with me....i love you and bla bla bla

this is not happening, not again Sharon cries 

 David how could you do this, i trusted you... that thing in you is not my child  David screams , how do you expect me to believe i was the only guy u were SLEEPING with....

David you disflowered me how dare you talk to me like this

BITCH..thats what you are...we not married yet you spread your legs wide for me, and you call yourself a BORN AGAIN CHRISTAIN..

whether you like it or not David this child is yours...thought you said you loved me and you wanted to marry me...

Baby please forgive me if have offended sorry..i love you, i dont know what i will be without you Sharon wails...
like a BOMB..
AM MARRIED David said...
with four kids and i can never leave my wife for you...

But David you never mentioned this, why you doing this? 

if it a joke stop it....
David, David, David..
he was gone forever....
 what a shame!!!..
sharon cried her eyes out. she was left alone with her unborn baby, no friends 
 to fall back on and too embarrassed to go back to her church .

she ran away from home...

she felt that was the end for her.

Sharon is in her early twenties, a tall, dark girl with a slender and curvy stature....very timid n easy going..she has a body to die for and a face everyone wants to reckon with, a committed worker in the house of God, an intelligent chap...

David an handsome dude..he is what we girls call TDH(tall, dark and handsome), works in Chervon and truly married with four kids...



  1. wow!!!poor Sharon

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  3. Its a real SHAME on sharon!!!

  4. wow.wat men can do.wat a shame. poor sharon

  5. We reali need God to give us the discerning power to be able to identify good and evil and differentiate.
    This is a typical example of the woman not taking time to know who her partner truly was. She was probably more interested in the physical and material part of the relationship. This secret was successfully kept for that long bcos she didnt pay attention to her spouse's person. That is not to say the man isnt't evil to have kept such a secret from a woman he claimed to 'love'. Love is about making sacrifices which we all know but opening your legsbto a man who isn't your husband is definitely not a way of showing love. God help us live the life he has planned for us.

  6. hmmm, this life... only God can see us thru. thanks taiwo for dis blog, am sure people would learn from this.



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