Tuesday, 18 June 2013



How have you been? I have been great, Thank God. Today is my mum's birthday and I can't help but to celebrate her in every way I can.

There are really no words to describe my jewel of inestimable value, I see how this has become a cliche but my mum is the STRONGEST woman I know. Writing about my mum is endless, I could spend a whole day and more writing about her.....

Me: Mummy please I need money.
Mummy: (shouts at me) Taiye I don't have.

Then I go to my room feeling bad and hours later, my mum comes with this funny face she usually  puts up when she knows am upset and says, so how much do you need? I just start to smile.

My mum is the only person that makes me give my gist twice, after narrating a story to her, she goes, ehen, so what now happened? I just break down....I only give her gist when am strong lol.

Mummy, you have shown me that being a mother is not all about carry a child in your womb for months, your love and devotion is out of this world. I look at you and I ask God what I have done to deserve a mother like you.

I think of you and I pray to God to give me more strength and grace than he has given you to take care of my children.

Thank you mummy for carrying Kehinde and I for ten months, for working three jobs just to make sure we got all we wanted, for your endless love and attention, for teaching us to save because that has become a part of us, for teaching us to be strong and humble.

Thank you mummy for believing in me even when I did not believe in myself. I know I was tough to raise but you never gave up on me. Thank you for believing in Teeshogs Clothier.

Thank you for teaching me what it means to  be a woman and for grounding me in the word of God, there is really no greater feeling knowing that come what may, I have a soldier in you. The sacrifices you make each day even when it obviously hurts you are incomparable. I pray each day that God gives me the grace to give back all you have given me and more.

I could go on and on but I think its best i stop here, with everything in me, I say MAMA I LOVE YOU.....and when she smiles...priceless

My 31 woman, My No1  FAN, My best friend, My lover, My backbone, My friend, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. I celebrate and appreciate you mummy.

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Friday, 7 June 2013


Thank God it's Friday!

How was your week? Hope you had an amazing week? I apologise for my lack of posts; sometimes you just have so much going on. I'll get back to the game soon.

Today's feature is on my friend of many years. She dresses with so much ease. She is good with making simple clothes look glamorous. She is definitely a Fashion Lover (to me) but then as we know, this isn't about me, so you be the judge.

Is she a Fashion Lover?

FNL- In few words tell us about yourself?
Gbola- My name is Arogegbola Atitebi, I love to dance and laugh, and I am so in Love with Jesus.

FNL- What does fashion mean to you?
Gbola- Fashion to me is fun, its about mixing the right colours, outfit and feeling good after dressing up..in my opinion don't stress fashion.

FNL- What inspires your style?
Gbola- Looking good makes me happy, and I love being happy.

FNL- Describe your  style in three words?
Gbola- Easy, Sexy, classy and Beautiful.

FNL- Who are your style icons?
Gbola- My mum and sisters.

FNL- What are your favorite stores and why?
Gbola- Folon.....cause they have everything.

FNL- Who are your favorite designer brands and why?
Gbola- Prada.....they have the trendiest bags in the world in my opinion.

FNL- What are your  favorite pieces in your closet?
Gbola- I love all my clothes. No favorites

FNL- What fashion item can you not do without?
Gbola-  Skirts.......I love skirts

FNL- What is your take on the African fashion industry?
Gbola- Africa is growing, and the Fashion industry along side is growing......

FNL- What won't you be caught wearing?
Gbola- I can wear almost Anything if it fits well......

So, is Gbola a Fashion Lover?
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Cheers to a beautiful weekend!!!

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