Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hello everyone, how are you all?hope your week is going on well....anyways, mine have being okay.....i  don't know what to name this post so it is untitled lol...this was what i wore to work yesterday(monday)....i am guessing you can feel my mood from this post, am not excited at the moment so excuse my dryness(if there is any english like that)

......Also, i did not do the giveaway again because i was not happy with the response i got.For those who participated i am sorry...........
Have a nice week.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


How are you all doing? So sorry i have being MIA, i have so much to do this days i forget i own a blog lol..
Moving on, Friday was my step grandma's burial and these was what i and my siblings and few cousins wore.

This guy came to pull this STUNT, highlight of my day

Me before my colleague retied my gele and after  

Gotta run, i would have loved to write more but i can't.
 Thank you for stopping by.. and yea, I made my dress, i hope you like it.

                   ** Bless**


Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Whoop, whoop, whoop...
I had my very first interview with Miss Zoey, please read it here and kindly drop your comment.

Thank you.


How is your week going? hope good, mine isn't fantastic but its not so bad either...Yesterday when i got home, i do not know what entered me but i just started loosening my braids(out of frustration of having carried it for so long), when i finished i could not comb out my hair lol, so i searched my room if i had a relaxer, luckily for me i found my dark and lovely(i do not remember the last time i used it), so i got to work....yes i tried relaxing my hair myself -_-
That did not go well at all cause i  DESTROYED my hair (am guessing the relaxer was bad)i might go on a low cut or try growing my naturals...i could not cry lol...so this morning, i had to dress up for work and my hair was in a mess....THANK GOD FOR WEAVES, i did a DIY (do it yourself) with strands of my old weave.....
.....Also the chain on my shirt is a DIY, i used earrings and a bag chain i got from the market a while back....
Now, thats the story of my life ...

....Let me know if you want me to post how to do these DIYs
               Have a blessed week.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

REMINDER...3 days*sad face*

So sorry i have been MIA..i have been so busy *am still very busy but had to do this reminder*
...excuse my manners, how are you doing? hope you all are doing great and having fun? remember YOLO so enjoy....
 Moving forward, the purpose for this post is to remind you guys of the GIVEAWAY ANKARA BAG.
Please i need you all to participate to make this fun. we have 3days to go.
Please click here

Thank you.