Sunday, 27 January 2013


Feliz Domingo (translate it if you can).....
I never want my weekends to end but then it has to *sighs*. This post is about the outfit i  wore to meet my King, Lover, Friend....he is my everything and his name is Jesus hehehehehe. Hope you enjoyed your service as much i enjoyed mine? I just designed this ankara jacket and i was so excited to wear it, i paired it with a stone washed jeans i got from Sokoto (yea, i was surprised to find it there too, having searched for it endlessly in Lagos) when i went for my orientation camp and it was amazingly affordable.


My friend lolly looking take away lol, her birthday was on the 22nd of January. Happy birthday again my darling friend, you are a blessing to me in more ways than one. Love you dear.

                                                  Ankara jacket-Teeshogs Clothier
                                                     Jeans- Sokoto Market
                                                     Shoes- Steve Madden
                                                     Accessories and purse- Primark

Thanks for stopping by.


                'Every word of God is pure; he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him'.


Thursday, 24 January 2013


Hello people, how are you all doing? I decided to do a throwback on my birthday (2012) because i was not able to blog at that time. As you all know, i am twice lol, i have a partner, i like to refer to her as my BETTER HALF, okay enough of my rumblings, i am a twin, so, it was our birthday on the 14th of December. Errm...did we have any plans? no,zero,nada, nothing at all. WAIT!!! initially we had a plan, we always do lol but nexy me here always end up ruinnnning it* battling eyelashes* not that i do it intentionally but i always have a solid reason.Though, when our friends showed up at our crib, we decided to go have lunch some place quiet,nothing serious at allll.
Moving on, so few of our precious friends and our lovely, lovely, sweet sister Busola made that day extra special. i can not start to explain what each and everyone of them did because i will like to keep some to myself away from the web lol, but we were really honored, mostly by people we expected nothing from and the fact that we had nothing planned*sigh* everyone blew our pretty minds away.
....okay, enough of my rants, let me show you some pictures.

This was what i had.

We actually got 7 cakes.

Us with our sister Busola

P.S Kenny and I surprised ourselves too and i  almost cried when keni's cake was not delivered lol.

We had a fabulous day, don't let me go to the numbers of calls n stuff that we had, that day was just so special, think this was our best birthday after our 5th birthday party.

Thats it...Take Care People.

                                   We were wearing:
                                    Ankara blouses and sequin skirts by Teeshogs Clothier
                                     Clutch Purses from Atmosphere and Matalan
                                      Taiwo's shoes from Dorothy Perkins
                                       Kenny's shoes from Fioni
                                       Accessories from Forever 21



Saturday, 19 January 2013


Yes!!! i am going natural, i am going to cut my hair. At the moment, i am transitioning and i am so excited. Everyday i look at these pictures and i just get more motivated. I even joined a natural hair group :) do not worry i would not be looking too different or even ugly (advantages of being a twin). My twin sister is nappy already so i can tell what i will look like, ain't i lucky?

See what i will look like below.........

I am really excited and i will be doing a lot of post on natural hair. If you are going natural or you are already natural, please feel free to advise me on products to use.

Love and Hugs


Hello Darlings,
Happy New Year, so sorry its coming in late but i guess it's better late than never.
 How are you all doing, i know it's being a bit.I have been so tied up with N.Y.S.C and work. I want to thank you all that made my 2012 memorable, thank you for reading my posts, commenting and e-mailing.
I promise to be way better this year. Please lets do this year together.

Love and Hugs