Thursday, 24 January 2013


Hello people, how are you all doing? I decided to do a throwback on my birthday (2012) because i was not able to blog at that time. As you all know, i am twice lol, i have a partner, i like to refer to her as my BETTER HALF, okay enough of my rumblings, i am a twin, so, it was our birthday on the 14th of December. Errm...did we have any plans? no,zero,nada, nothing at all. WAIT!!! initially we had a plan, we always do lol but nexy me here always end up ruinnnning it* battling eyelashes* not that i do it intentionally but i always have a solid reason.Though, when our friends showed up at our crib, we decided to go have lunch some place quiet,nothing serious at allll.
Moving on, so few of our precious friends and our lovely, lovely, sweet sister Busola made that day extra special. i can not start to explain what each and everyone of them did because i will like to keep some to myself away from the web lol, but we were really honored, mostly by people we expected nothing from and the fact that we had nothing planned*sigh* everyone blew our pretty minds away.
....okay, enough of my rants, let me show you some pictures.

This was what i had.

We actually got 7 cakes.

Us with our sister Busola

P.S Kenny and I surprised ourselves too and i  almost cried when keni's cake was not delivered lol.

We had a fabulous day, don't let me go to the numbers of calls n stuff that we had, that day was just so special, think this was our best birthday after our 5th birthday party.

Thats it...Take Care People.

                                   We were wearing:
                                    Ankara blouses and sequin skirts by Teeshogs Clothier
                                     Clutch Purses from Atmosphere and Matalan
                                      Taiwo's shoes from Dorothy Perkins
                                       Kenny's shoes from Fioni
                                       Accessories from Forever 21




  1. Alright,truth be told kenny is finer than offence. 7 cakes,WoW!! Will like to be invited next time...I so love cakes. You guys had a great time and that is what really matters. By the way what's the name of the hang out spot u guys choose?

    1. LMAO @ Keni is finer,its aii...i will make sure i invite you next timme. we went to 500city.Thank you.

  2. aghimien oghogho24 January 2013 at 17:16

    using this medium to wish taiwo a much delayed post happy birthday that's due to the fact that i just got to know her a couple of weeks ago and i can say that she is passionate about what she does, dedicated and puts her heart and back to her works..... most of all she made me two of some of the most beautiful custom natives i have owned in my adult
    All the best....xoxo

    1. Awwww thank you, i appreciate your kind words.

  3. Aaaaaw My both look Beautiful, and d skirts .... Beautiful, they blend perfectly with d ankra blouses....



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