Tuesday, 10 July 2012


How is your week going? hope good, mine isn't fantastic but its not so bad either...Yesterday when i got home, i do not know what entered me but i just started loosening my braids(out of frustration of having carried it for so long), when i finished i could not comb out my hair lol, so i searched my room if i had a relaxer, luckily for me i found my dark and lovely(i do not remember the last time i used it), so i got to work....yes i tried relaxing my hair myself -_-
That did not go well at all cause i  DESTROYED my hair (am guessing the relaxer was bad)i might go on a low cut or try growing my naturals...i could not cry lol...so this morning, i had to dress up for work and my hair was in a mess....THANK GOD FOR WEAVES, i did a DIY (do it yourself) with strands of my old weave.....
.....Also the chain on my shirt is a DIY, i used earrings and a bag chain i got from the market a while back....
Now, thats the story of my life ...

....Let me know if you want me to post how to do these DIYs
               Have a blessed week.




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