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As we all know, the modern woman would do everything possible to achieve a flawless skin. Why?
Because it creates a positive aura, depicts class and speaks volume about your persona.
But speaking from a makeup artist and beautician's perspective, great makeup looks even better
on a beautiful skin.

You're probably wondering how is that possible?

Achieving this described skin isn't difficult, but through simple and ordinary daily routine which
if you practice religiously overtime, you will be rewarded by your skin.

One basic and important step is knowing your skin type. This guides you and makes it easier for you to choose products appropriate for your skin type. Never believe that any product tagged good will automatically work for you. We have various skin types with different characteristics that are pointers to knowing which category you belong and also through the assistance of a professional beautician. After knowing your skin type, then you can begin a successful journey to achieving your radiant and healthy skin. 

Before (she follows this steps too.)
After, you see the difference?
  For a daily routine, follow these steps in the morning when you wake and the last thing at night before going to bed. 

 1. Wash with soap: Do not use harsh soaps and do no not overscrub. Excess scrubbing strips your skin of natural nutrient, dries the skin further if you have a dry skin, irritates your skin the more if its a sensitive skin, and provoke your skin to produce more oil if your skin is oily. 

 2: Cleanse: Cleansers remove dirt and oil left over on the skin. Cleansing gives a soft, supple, bright and young looking skin. Be careful when choosing your cleanser, as a wrong or harsh astringent is just enough to damage your skin. 

 3. Moisturize: Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated, soft and happy. When applying your moisturizer, massage into the skin so it sinks into the pores. 

This is the simplest way to maintain your skin yourself. Be sure you are doing it the right way with the right products.

 Note; Never go to bed with makeup on your face, this gives room for makeup which has mixed with sweat and dirt to sink into the pores and clog them. Clogged pores build up dead skin cells, give the skin a dull appearance and can make you breakout, have whiteheads, blackheads, and so on. Remove makeup from your face as soon as possible.
You can also visit a professional beautician once a month depending on the needs of your skin. 

Nice sharing these tips with you.
I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did.
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