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This is what i wore for a dinner and it was made by Teeshogs Clothier
 Hello Dearies....
Have been away for so long due to my business(Teeshogs Clothier) I make and design clothes and ankara accessories... I will update pictures of some of the things I have done soon...moving on, I guess I can start by apologising to you all..AM SORRY.
...will be going for camp(NYSC) soonest in case I do not post for a long time....
....My dear friend Miss Toju Fregene took time out to write this post for me, by the way she is ETIQUETTE herself lol... meaning when you see her you see etiquette, from the way she walks to the way she speaks..... everything, i mean EVERYTHING about her revolves around Etiquette that was why I begged her to write this post for lets say a BIG THANK YOU TO MISS FREGENE :* there are few pictures of what you can wear to dinner,sorry for the lack of pictures, i did this in a rush. 
Dining out is supposed to be one of life’s joys;a day when you are away from the kitchen to enjoy meals you’d usually not have at home, waited on by others, indulge in a variety and enjoy a beautiful ambience, with, perhaps that special person...However, this could go awfully awkward, wrong and embarrasing if (at the least), basic dining etiquette is nowhere to be found among the utensils on the table.
Etiquette/good manners are supposed to be no brainers, but on a daily basis, we see that ‘all hell’ has broken lose and let the good manners out. Here are a few simple but extremely vital tips on getting maximum enjoyment at that dinner...
1.Behave yourself: it goes without saying that when you’re at a restaurant, there are certain things you shouldn’t do at the table:
 *Slouch in your seat (you are not ‘Elastic Man in Fantastic Four). You should sit upright as this gives you a more delectable look, healthy posture and eases digestion.
*Take your shoes off or put your feet on the seat (you are not Tarzan). Your feet might give off a stink, perhaps based on the material of the shoe and it’s just not a pretty site to be in a restaurant with so much grandeur and then act like a cave man. People would look at you as ‘uncivil’.
*Keep the noise down: noise level should be subdued to a necessary minimum. The difference between a stadium and a restaurant is very clear. You must bear it in mind that other people have come to the restaurant to have a nice time. Keeping your voice down not only shows respect for other diners, but it also helps you avoid sharing private conversations with the world(if you notice, tables at restaurants are usually not spread too far apart). Just because a topic might be relevant or of interest to you doesn’t mean everybody else wants to or should listen to you speak.
Also learn to keep your phone(s) and other gadgets on vibrate or silent...remember, everyone wants a pleasant evening.
2.Manners at the table: having impeccable table manners is ALWAYS  a good idea and it starts once you are seated at the table...
*Once you you get your menu, go through it and decide what you want to order. It is not a story book or novel given to you to pass time. Not only does this help get your meal underway in good time, it also helps you avoid the embarrassing situation of delaying the waitstaff by having to ask them to come back again and again(doing this makes you come off as confused,ignorant or indecisive. If you really do not understand the menu and are too shy to ask someone, I often suggest you just go for something regular but classy,e.g,spaghetti and meatballs/bolongnese).
*Once you have ordered and the waitstaff has collected your menu, your next move should be to put the napkin on your lap. Do not tuck it into your collar or tie it around your neck-you don’t want to look like a western cowboy.
 *If you are leaving the table temporarily, leave the napkin on the seat as a signal to the waitstaff that you are still eating. When done with the meal, loosely fold the napkin to the left side of the plate to indicate that you will not be coming back to the table.
*Start your meal by using the utensils the farthest away from your plate, and then work your way in as the courses come. You may notice a spoon or fork that is laid on the top of your plate-those are for dessert. Your drinking glass is always to your right.
*Do not talk with food in your mouth. Nobody wants to see mashed food in your mouth.Don’t absent-mindedly begin to talk with the cutlery in your hand(except you plan to poke someone with it or splatter food all over,your message will be understood very well without a knife or fork in someone’s face)-remember to put your fork or knife down&then use your hand to gesticulate.
*Do not smack your lips while eating either-the sound is irritating, rude and puts you  as tacky/lacking class.
*When leaving the table temporarily, put your cutlery tip points together and set them like a triangle without a base. This tells the waitstaff you are not done. When you are actualy done, put the cutlery together to the side of the plate(at a four O’clock angle).
*If you have to excuse yourself from the table at any point during the meal, say so quietly and politely. Do not tell the table what you are going to do especially if you are going to the restroom(we do not want our imaginations running wild).
3.Handling bad service: if the kitchen is running behind or got your order wrong, and the waitstaff hasn’t even apologised, exercising your vocal cords(shouting or arguing) will NOT rectify the least not with any finesse or dignity-which you are supposed to possess.
If the situation is very bad, seek out the manager-only him/her can do anything of substance like reduce your bill or offer you a complimentary meal, so don’t bother arguing with a waitstaff. Also keep in mind that even bad waitstaff need to make a living, so even though you are tempted to reduce or even withold your tip,to show how uspet you are, don’t stoop to that level .
Stay Blessed....


  1. Nice. Well done toju and teeshogs.

    1. Gud work darlin

    2. Pls ow much is dis dress...

    3. The purple dress..........its ife

  2. Looks great.



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