Saturday, 14 April 2012

YAY!!!! Am Back

     Hello Dearies,
I know i  have been away for too long, let me start by apologising..AM SORRY...thanks for accepting my apology^_^. Moving on, It has been because of N.Y.S.C camp, i had to do my orientation camp at SOKOTO!!*_* yea i had that face on too but am glad i went, i met beautiful people and i had a wonderful experience ^_^, though i redepolyed to Ogun state......
 This is a very short post but before i say goodbye i will like to show you guys my very very special bag from SOWKOTO....i carried it throughout this week..LOL

Meanwhile, the only mega fun and unusual stuff that have done since i got back was going for AY LIVE....what made it unusual was the fact that myself and my dolls drove back to the Mainland from the Island at 2:45am..yea i know, we were crazy lol and guess what we were the only ones on the ROAD*scary* but we THANK GOD for journey mercies..Here are some of the pics we took, Enjoy..

yea we saw Ope

Ope and I

Keni and I




  1. lovely pics teeshogs

  2. lovely pics teeshogs...ope



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