Sunday, 3 March 2013


Happy weekend,

Today's feature is on Teju Tobun's fashion style.

According to Teju, fashion is a means of self expression.
She believes there is inherent joy to be derived with what one wears and how it is worn.
To her, comfort and comportment is a woman's guide to choosing a personal style.

Although Teju is not the type to experiment, being stoic in her approach,  she still likes to creatively match colors together.
Playing the hues with the tones every now and then to bring about that easy and sassy feminine look.

Teju's style stands out because it is really comfortable and chic.

Enjoy the pictures.....

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  1. Heheheheheh... Aaaaw, Teeshogs, my head is swelling.

  2. She is simply classy, and has style. I admire that about her...

  3. Nanma Labar(Tejus bestie b4 she made money)3 March 2013 at 01:20

    As usual....time 'famz'! If we were stl in QC, she wuda been called a 'baffer' lol! Nice babe.. No doubt uv got style! *on to 'famzing'* Teju and I were besties back in school, we went 2 school 2geda, ate 2geda, played 2geda, did assignments 2geda, ati be be lo! Lol!

  4. This is really nyc...Simple as said and classy...wat I love most is the jackets she wears and am a Huge fan of shoes...n her shoes r mavelous...Thumbs up mama!...Xoxo

  5. Yes,she indeed a fashion lover,Nice 1 girl.*on to 'famzing' too*like Nanma labar, TEJU knows ME, we all knw its important a celeb knows you than u knowing the celeb. Thumbs up dear

  6. Naaaanma labar... Eeer, sorry do I know u???..hehehhehehehe!lmao, tnks babes

  7. Beautiful write up

  8. Teju's indeed a fashion lover.She is well put together.Her clothes fit her body shape.I can see she likes red and it suits her well.I love her ankara dress the most,I want it badly.I totally love her style.Her hair,make up,shoes,jewellery,clothes all on point.Well done Teju!

  9. Nice outfit !kudos to my cousin taiwo for doing this ,I believe in ur dream girl.



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