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Hello,  it has being a minute, sometimes life has a way of making you extra busy. How are you all doing?
I got alot of positive response from the part one of this post which was for the women, so here is the part two.
To the men, l am sorry i do not have alot of pictures but i will explain as much as i can so you all can understand. I will be going straight to the point about what you need to wear and how you should look, having explained  the importance of looking professional for an interview in my previous post here.

SUIT: I will like to start with the suit,invest in your suit, spend some money, quality is cheap in the long run. Make sure it fits, sleeves should not be too short or too long,  pants not too high or too long.

Navy blue, dark brown, black or a dark grey are good suit colors, some dark brown suits are nice but i believe they should be avoided if possible, earth tone colors are not formal enough. Black suits are formal in more ways than one but they are  sometimes inappropriately flashy, so avoid going for the shinning suit materials.

To be on the safer side, you can try to stick to a two or three  buttoned two piece suit, four buttoned suits may be seen as too trendy and three piece suits may be viewed as  too much.

Shirt Color and Collar: Shirts look more powerful in plain white/blue/pink or any light color. White shirts are the safest and most conservative. Cream, almond and pale-blue shirts are also fine as long as they are solid without stripes or patterns, and if you are going to wear a stripped or patterned shirt, do  not wear a stripped or patterned pants too. Point collars are recommended for an interview, but spread collars are okay too. As much as possible, try to stick to an 100% cotton shirt for an interview, you don't want to look cheap.
Shirt must be starched and ironed appropriately.

Tie Color and Size: Wear a tie between 2 ¾ and 3 ½ inches wide. They should have a traditional pattern and be made of pure silk. No "trendy" ties or anything made of something besides 100% silk. Your tie should reach, but not exceed, the top of your belt buckle. Do not wear a bow-tie to an interview.

The Knot: Windsor knots are generally preferred at job interviews because they're considered the most conservative. Four-in-hand knots are fine as well. Knots should be neat and fit within the space created by your choice of collar. If you insist on wearing an alternative knot style, choose a white dress shirt with a spread collar that will accommodate it.
Windsor Knot

Shoe Color and Style:  Shoes!  I’m sure you’ve heard about how men are best described by the shoe they wear? Well, I don’t know how true that is but if you’re going to ace that interview, you’d better start hunting for the right shoe. Interviewees should wear black, oxblood or brown leather shoes, i will recommend shoes with laces. Black shoes are strongly recommended because they match almost with any suit and are easy to coordinate with a belt. Rubber soles are okay if they are low-profile (without noticeable treads). No loafers! And try to have them polished.

Belt: Your belt should always match your shoe color.

Socks: Socks should be dark and coordinate with your suit, DO NOT wear a pink,white or all those bright color socks. They should be long enough so that no one can see your leg when you are seated.

Jewelry: Only wedding rings are universally permissible for men. You should remove all other jewelry, including earrings, for an interview. Cufflinks provided that they are small and conservative are fine.

Briefcases: A small leather briefcase or portfolio is recommended to carry your notebook and resume. Do not bring a large briefcase or backpack with you. You can also take with you a thin wallet.

Cologne: Use little cologne, or none at all. Don't smother them in smell.

Hair: Hair should be nicely shaved, trimmed or shave it clean. Shorter hair is generally preferred. For the young men, this is not the time to fight for your rights to work in dreadlocks, that will come later when you have the job.  Facial hair is discouraged, although well-groomed mustaches are usually okay.

There, am done. I hope i have being of help to someone. Please check back for the part 3.

Good luck with your  interview.

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