Friday, 6 September 2013


Thank God it's Friday!!!

How have you been?  It is another Friday and we are here with another segment of Fashion Lover.

Today's fashion lover is a fellow blogger whose style and creativity is an inspiration.

Let's decide if Titi is a fashion lover.

FNL: In few words tell us about yourself?
Titi: My name is Titilayo Belo. Fashion design is my 1st love, architecture is my Wardrobe Consultant/Personal Shopper, Fashion Blogger most importantly God's beloved child :)

FNL: What does fashion mean to you?
Titi:  Its a way for me to express myself through my designs or the way I dress, you will notice if I'm moody from my style/designs. I will say its a huge part of me, like a medium of expression.

FNL: What inspires your style?
Titi: Like I said previously, it's mood dependent. My life has a story which inspires me daily, I try to live better life and it also reflects in my style/designs.

FNL: Describe your style in 3words? 
Titi: I try to keep it simple/minimal, It's also a bit of iconoclastic... lol according to Kiki Kamanu and I will say elegant.

FNL: Who are your style icons?

Titi: Victoria Beckham!! Nini Nyugen

 FNL: What are your most favorite stores and why?

Titi: I don't really have a favourite, I see what I like and I buy it, I don't really put what store it is into consideration.

FNL: Who are your favorite designer brands and why?

Titi: I love when a designer reflects herself in her designs, I love Victoria Beckham, wish I could afford her pieces :( Bridget Awosika too is someone  I really admire. 

FNL: What are your favorite pieces in your closet?

Titi: I love all my TitiBelo designs :) they all have a story to tell, I have this Victoria Beckham imitation dress.

FNL: What fashion item can you not do without?

Titi: Shoes! I love shoes. My leggings, wish I had more can't do without them, I hate jeans.

FNL: What is your take on the African Fashion Industry?

Titi: We are growing oo! I get inspired daily by African designers, I saw the clan and Kitschai Lookbook recently and I was wowed! We have amazing talent! Looking to be better than the best myself :)

FNL: What won't you be caught wearing?

Titi: I really can't say, I used to think iro and buba but I tried it on recently and I think I looked really good, still can't wrap my head around the gele (headgear for women) theory tho, will probably go for fila (cap for men) on my wedding day :)

FNL: What do you think about Fashion and Lover's blog?

Titi: Fashion and Lover blog inspires me alot in ways you can't imagine, all the tips both style and personal, I read the "Seconds" post and got really inspired. Great job hun, keep it up, want to be like you when I grow up :)


So have you decided if Titi is a fashion lover?

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  1. Titi is a fashion icon i can atest to that since her days in unilag

  2. She's definitely a fashion lover, her pieces are unique and "iconoclastic"...Titibels I hail u joor....keep it up

  3. She's definitely a fashion lover, her pieces are unique and "iconoclastic"...Titibels I hail u joor....keep it up

  4. She's definitely a fashion lover, her pieces her unique and "iconoclastic"...Titibels I hail you joor, keep it up.

  5. She's a got a great body for those gorgeous styles.



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