Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hello Dearies…trust you all are doing great. Hope you enjoyed my last post…was arranging my library when I found my old poem book…have had this poem book as far back as 8-9years and am so happy I found itJ…some of this poems brought tears to my eyes L…ok enough of my blah..I would like to share one or two poems with you guys…Enjoy^_^…
 I particularly love this poem, it was written in 2005 and it’s titled FRIENDSHIP
                  Poems the expression of ones mind
                  Music the song to the soul
                  Future the undetermined day
                  Worry the anxiety of pain
                  Passion the glory of love
                  Money the root of evil
                 Wisdom the greatest you can have
                  Anger the fear which no one can explain
                 Hope the dreams of a life time
                 Visions the view of the mind
                  Freedom the independent self
                  Brother a helping hand
                  Adventure the hope of a mystery
                  But, friendship, the gift from above.
I thought it was fair for me to post one friendship poem and one love poem……
This other poem was written 2004 and it’s titled I LOVE YOU
                   Just a smile
                  Just a glimpse
                  Just a touch
                  Just that moment
          Can never be enough to show you how much I feel
                  Just a cry
                  Just the pain
                Just the hurt
                 Just that sadness
        Can never keep me away from you
        Every touch brings hope every time I see you
        Words can not really explain the way I feel for you but always know that I LOVE YOU.
…I hope you all enjoyed my poems, if it not well composed, remember it was written in high school...I should write again sometime, wrote last July 2009, long time rite, lol…
                 ……sorry for the long post, let’s blame it on the excitement…..


  1. If u can't write english properly its best u try other languages like I said earlier b4 u rudely deleted my comments Spare us d bad GRAMMER. SUCKER!!.

  2. @ anonymous, m not surprised u actn dis way, I blame it on d strike. Buh wen next u wana act incorrigible, pls do it boldly and dnt be a coward. I wnt insult u cos u r beneath my insult.( I suppose u will reply me cos its ur nature and u dnt see or hear more than u see or hear.) Kehinde

  3. U r so sad. Its "it'd be best if you tried other languages" and did you mean to spell "grammar"? Obviously you have nothing to do with ur life otherwise, u would not be here spewing such nonsense. Simisola.A(not anonymous)



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