Monday, 14 May 2012


Hello Dearies, How was your weekend? Hope great...mine was AWESOME!!! So, unknown to  Keni and I, we were going to wear (almost) the same outfit to work  on Friday , so we thought we could just do a post on who wore it better, so here we are!!!

pardon my blurry face, i love the picture.

love it

Though Keni cheated a little because I went to work first and she had more time(RME).
Please kindly drop your comments on who wore it better.
Thank you
I was wearing:
Skirt and blouse - Teeshogs Clothier
 Black wedge shoes - Atmosphere
                                Wrist watch-DKNY
                                 Accessories by Primark
Keni was wearing:
 Skirt - Teeshogs Clothier
                                Blouse and accessories - Primark
                                 Bag- Matalan
                                Wrist watch - Peugeot
                                Lipstick - MUA
please vote


  1. i wld vote keny,like the combinatn and hw it looks on her,but pink and blue always wrks so i lik ur orange/peach top for a change and versatility.

  2. i will say Taiwo wore it better because it was meant to be an office setting rite?but Kenis own was too flashy 4 an office outfit, it looked so much like an outing wear if u get my point, the blings and all but Taiwo kept it simple but at the same time elegant and classic, the accessories complemented the outfits.Keni ur dress no doubt was good, am just talkn abt the details, unless they allow so many accessories at ur work place den its cool.All in all, Taiwo wore it better. Busola Omoteso.

  3. You both rocked it, however i have to give it to ur sister Keni, she looked more nicer and bright, love the pink tee with bows....
    kindly check out our blog too and follow us on social sites if u like it, we just did the same for u coz we like it :-)

  4. Wow! Its a tight one to choose frm... tink keni totally rockd d outfit.  lov d way it sits  her figure n d accessories(though a little too much) complemented d simplicity of d outfit...

  5. Well to ma own opinion,will say Taiwo wore it d peach mixd wt blue..d colour combo is really classy.Kenny looks really cute on d pink $ blue combo too.All in all u both rock teeshogs skirt so nicely and stylishly.☺

  6. Busola Olusoga10 July 2012 at 16:25

    The last comment was made by Busola Olusoga...good job up Teeshogs...mwuahhh



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