Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hello dearies, how have you all being? Sure you enjoyed the short break we were given(though President Goodluck Jonathan spoilt my Tuesday morning when he renamed my dear Alma Mater UNILAG to MAUL)…...moving on, A BIG THANK YOU to everyone of you that has taken time out to read my posts or gone through my blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GOD BLESS YOU…..Haven said that, today’s post is all about my visit to THE OLUMO ROCK in Abeokuta (am doing my NYSC in Abeokuta)……..
……Abeokuta means “under the rock” is situated in Ogun state (from the Tour we took, I learnt that the word Ogun has 8 different meanings, I will just put them in English, they are...sweat, twenty, war, jars, to climb, long, and 2 others that I cannot remember) , which is where I derived the title of the post from…. I have been wanting to visit the Olumo Rock, so my friend CJ and I decided to go (thank u dear)….I had so much fun and believe me I have never being that high in my entire life…we were 1370meters high ^_^… was pretty scary…..okay, enough of my story, I took some pictures, well with the help of my friend….I hope you enjoy them…… 

the lift 

i think this was the eatery

they also had art works for sale

excited me in the lift, lol

this was the Olumos main shrine back den

the grave of the first man to take people round 

they hid here during the war

the last house out of  5, others were demolished 

this part was the most scary part, i literally crawled my way up *sigh*

my friend CJ

i don't know why but i like this pic so..

i was 1370 meters up
I had to remove my sandals to climb

when you climb up u can see the whole of the Abeokuta 

that ocean right there flows into the Atlantic Ocean

some scary stuffs

i had to pass this narrow path to get up


.....oh i forgot, we were asked to  pay for EVERYTHING even for me to use my camera lol.

                                                        i was wearing:
                                              chiffon blouse-gift from mum
                   earrings, brooch and hair band - primark
                                            wrist watch -DKNY
                                   bangle and sandal - Teeshogs Clothier

                  *****THANKS FOR PASSING BY*******

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