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      'it's consoling to know that God is in control of every part of our journey to glory, even over the steep mountains.     Thelma Welis

How are you all doing? I am sorry for going MIA on you guys,  guess sometimes  life gets  in the way of blogging. From the title i am guessing you know what this post is all about, yes it is about my kinki braids. I would admit that this is the longest  hair do i have ever had on, its over 2months now  and i actually kept it this long because i am trying to transition for my natural hair but now, I am contemplating on not going natural again...fear dey catch me lol. I am scared i might start to cry after i do and probably get frustrated and wear wigs till my hair grows back. I am so indecisive. If you natural and you had this kind of fears too kindly comment below advising me on what you did to conquer your fears.
Okay so moving on to today's post, people keep asking me who packs my hair for me and how i do it and all that, I have explained to countless people so to save myself the stress i told a few people that i would do a post showing some ways i pack my kinki. I hope this helps, I can not make a video so i will try to explain as much as i can.
Product- supreme kinki
packs used- 3 packs
length- using my taperule, 14inches

My hair down

i poured my hair forward

i start to plait my hair forward, i try to make sure it is in the center

you will plait your hair  like so.
you then take the plaited braids to the side like you can see in the picture.

This is what it looks like when you are done.

This what i looked like fully dressed.

 Another packing style:
i loosened the plaited braids a little 

after loosening some parts, i just laid the braids on top each other and i tucked it all in.
I guess this picture explains it all.                       
Another Packing Style: this is explanatory, you just do a high bun in the middle and twist some of the braids round, if you don't like this style feel free to  pack everything high bun.

These are the only pictures i could put up, thanks to my internet but from these styles you can come up with alot of your own unique styles. For instance you could plait your hair forward or backward to the middle and you tuck it in and you do a style with the rest of the braids in front. Let me try to upload a picture.

i plaited this backward and twisted the front part.

This one i plaited it forward

i left some in front and i just laid it on the  plaited braids.

i twisted the front, packed the middle and left the back like we made our hair in secondary school.

This is the one i plaited forward.

 I hope i was able to help a little. Kindly drop your comments below, if you know better styles also let me know if this helped.

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  1. Now am so thrilled,dis is nice Taiwo,kip it up.U̶̲̥̅̊ kan also do more styles wit †ђξ kinda hair ure wearing.Nice one babes.Frm Helen:Shao-mei Makeovers

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, this is really pretty and creative honey....can som1 style braids like dat too? by dharmmie

    2. Thank you Darmi love, yes you can style braids like this too.

  3. In love with dis !

  4. Hi.did u wash ur hair all d time u carried d braids?and if u did how?

    1. Hello, yes i wash it every 3weeks. i wash it with shampoo and conditioner, i just wash it like i am washing my hair but i am thinking of just conditioning it now.

  5. Hi Taiwo this is really creative, now u are making me fall in love with kinki braids.tanks I love all d Styles de all look sleek.thumbs up Frm Tola

    1. Hello Tola, i appreciate your kind words and i am glad you love them.

  6. Olusoga Olubusola18 February 2013 at 20:30

    Thanks for d info....going to ve a lot of styles to do with my kinky braids wen I make it...:)..nice one....

  7. Oops neva knew it was a braid tot its a long dread,good job babes kip it up.Busola Marrus

  8. hmmm dats so nice, d pix went well with the captions

  9. Creative minds never runs out of spacial platforms 2 execute thire craft, Ʋ adapt almost anything 2 suite Ʋ & even ur hair?...†ђã†̥'s a big plus, keep it up.
    Edu Oludamilare.



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