Monday, 18 February 2013


                    'The real success i have achieved in life is best understood through the faithfulness of God in my life--Thelma Wells'.
I can not explain the joy i feel knowing i don't have to travel again or go for CDs or wear those horrible Khakis. Valentines day for me was fab because i completed my youth service otherwise know as N.Y.S.C.
People that know me well will understand my joy lol, i thank God for keeping me alive amidst all the traveling (traveled over 50times no joke), the fears, challenges, happiness and all. I met great people, some of which i can not help but keep as friends and some you know, will just have to disappear with the wind. I also learnt  alot, it taught me to be more accommodating, in conclusion, i passed out a better person.

I am sure some people are wondering why i am so happy, maybe, she has a job some are saying, well, i don't have a job but the fact that i completed my service year in good health is a joyful thing for me.

I pray for myself and for all Batch A ex-corpers that we shall find favor everywhere we go, Job will locate us. In Jesus Name.

Enjoy the pictures .....

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  1. Aww congrats!! all the best :)

    nw following :)

  2. I am proud of u dear.. Gud 2 see dis and I pray God bless us more n be with us IJN Name.. Stay focus n bless bye for now.. Slim

  3. Congrats, Taiwo!

  4. congrats dear,wud keep stopping bye cheers



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