Friday, 24 May 2013


 Hey! Thank God it's Friday!

How was your week? mine was pretty hectic; had quite  a number of deadlines to meet and I am really glad I met them all. Thank God.

Ok! back to the post, as you already know, today is Friday and we get to feature a FASHION LOVER  and you guys decide if they are really a fashion lover :).

Today's fashion lover is a fellow blogger, a lady whose style I truly admire. she has so many shoes... lol, so much so that l wish l could raid her closet.

Let's decide if Ella is a Fashion Lover. 

FNL: In few words tell us about yourself?
Ella: I'm Ella Mo a Nigeria, I'm 5ft 5/7" tall and I love all things fashion.

FNL: What does fashion mean to you?
Ella: Fashion is my strength and happiness! I feel joy unexplainable when i look good.
FNL: What inspires your style? 
Ella: Funny, my style gets inspired when I'm lost out of what to wear. I just match up and see a gorgeous lady in the mirror *winks*.

FNL: Describe your style in 3words? 
Ella: My style is Simple, Innovative and Glamme.


 FNL: Who are your style icons?    

 Ella: Well, I've got a whole lot of them. Nameless infact, but I'll mention few: when it comes to bags! I'll pick Dolapo Oni, and when it comes to dressing for success I love love Genevieve Inaji's. When it comes to hair my choose is Nse ikpe Etim! I love her hair same reason while I keep a kink like hers lately.

FNL: What are your most favorite stores and why?
Ella: Favorite Stores? Well, that is a little tough cause Stores are limited here in Nigeria. One can only mention few. I do collect items from Mango, Foshini and few other nameless Boutiques here in Lagos. But whenever I'm on holiday outside Nigeria, I don't miss the likes of Primark, Zara, Newlook, Riverisland, Asos Online, Jane Norman. I love the mentioned stores for their affordability.

FNL: Who are your favorite designer brands and why?
Ella: I love Victoria Beckham! She's a super style icon. This fashion designer always looks amazing whenever she steps out. She is super stylish even after four kids and her designs are too die for. I also have a bigger picture to own a fashion line someday. The Favorite designer brand is ZARA! I'll rather stick to my high street brand that's classic and you need not break a bank to own one. Than collect fake items.

FNL: What are your favorite pieces in your closet? 
Ella: My shoes, bags and a blazer! They make my closet!

FNL: What fashion item can you not do without?
Ella: I may not do without my shoes! Hahahah *obviously innit? Lol..

 FNL: What is your take on the African Fashion Industry? 
Ella: I truly believe that Africa has got strong potential to be a leader's in the fashion industry. The development of designers and of the local industry is at the core with focus on emerging our local fabrics to designers that will be embraced world wide. It takes the likes of bloggers like you and I to move this dream!

FNL: What won't you be caught wearing?
Ella: I can't be caught wearing whatever is fashion that exposes my body! Oh hell No...

So have you decided if Ella  is a fashion lover?

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  1. Ella is sure a fashion lover, love all your styles and we both love Nse #natural#

  2. Oh yea she is a fashion lover...Love all her shoes...

  3. hell yes! she is

  4. Fashion bomber! She got taste

  5. great fashion sense

  6. She is gorgeous..!

  7. She definitely is. Love her style



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