Friday, 31 May 2013


Hey! Thank God it's Friday!

How was your week? Hope it was fruitful? Mine was good, I thank God.

Today's fashion lover feature is Bayo. I think Bayo's style for a guy is very admirable. I must say that for me Bayo is a fashion lover but I guess this is not my decision to make. So, I will like you to be the judge, is Bayo a Fashion Lover?

FNL: In few words tell us about yourself?
Bayo: My name is Adebayo Fasanya Kakanfo, I am like an open book, God fearing, giving and I believe in applying the basic principles of life. I also love doing things in style, kinda unique in my own way.

FNL: What does fashion mean to you?
 Bayo: I think fashion is for everyone, but style is for a few.

FNL: What Inspires your style? 
Bayo: I think maturity speaks for me, occasion and my mood determines what I wear.. I change cloths like scenes in a Drama.I guess that started when I was little.

FNL: Describe your style in 3words?
 Bayo: Sharp, Classy,Authentic.

FNL: Who are your style icons? 
Bayo: My Father,Sean combs also known as Diddy, Scott.Disick, I am sure you agree with me.*Wink*

FNL: What are your most favourite stores and why?
Bayo: Gucci, Armani and I do have a mobile seller that deals strictly with UK,and Italian Designs, because their designs are for me.

FNL: Who are favourite designer brands and why?
Bayo: Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Prada,Armani,Gucci,Zara,Paciotti, Lekucci

FNL: What are favorite pieces in your Closet?
 Bayo: My wrist watches, clothes, shoes, blazers.

FNL: What Fashion item can you not do without?
Bayo: My wrist watch and my Jamaican Flag necklace.

FNL: What is your take on the African fashion Industry?
Bayo: The African Fashion Industry is fast growing and they are catching up with the western world.
There is originality,culture and diversity in most of the styles. Most definitely the industry is going on a fast Lane.

FNL: What won't you be caught wearing? 
Bayo: Skinny Tight Jean or Substandard Materials.

So have you decided if Bayo  is a fashion lover?

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  1. Replies
    1. He's got a great taste..Bravo.!!!

  2. Ahahahan..first to comment!!#Choi

  3. He is def a fashion lover. Ko kan fine ni

  4. He is def a fashion lover buh all dis designers dou, it wud be cool u call me so we can hang cos I roll like dat too.* Wink*

  5. I love his style! Nice blog!

  6. Nice one Teeshogs, i know this Guy, his ako is too much, am a Fan already, i can see some Haters thou..he's cool like that..!

  7. I c u chuck bass*winks*....

  8. Only you...Boyo p i see you

  9. I love this brov.... always clean and fashion freak.

  10. Boyo is such a huge fashion lover, he has always made a distinctive fashion statement with his elegant choice of outfits whenever he steps out for any function. He is a fashion icon in his own frame, always looking electrifying and captivating even when he dresses casual.- SaSaHolic!

  11. Hehehehehehehe Bayo is on Teeshogs blog nice he is definately a fashion lover thumbs up Boyo

  12. I luv his style,very classy..avn ur own fashion label won't b a bad idea *wink*

  13. I luv his style..Very sharp.

  14. Errm yh he is... Obvsly #niicelydone

  15. I agree he's a fashion lover but i dont agree with the flat shoes with extensive designs..a guy should know when to tone down the shoes so that the other elements of clothing can get their shine..for me the only image i have in my head now is those shoes..we wouldnt want Fashion police to pick up this aspect of the dressing would we?

    1. Is he suppose to wear high heels or dunlop I dnt get wht d beef is abt..anywaz he def got taste..nd oh yea,he is a fashion lover..

    2. i agree wif @theBlueprint. he has a good clothing taste but the shoes no no no!

  16. Peeps with their mouth sha"ko kan fine ni" shey u fine pass am ...beefers! Haters! Boyo ur so on point jare..thumbs up swts

  17. Even with some of the Pics taken with Phone Camera, its Clear He's Got taste and those shoes must be Expensive...More of this Teeshogs.

  18. Obviously a fashionista..always lookin good..thumbs up mehn!

  19. Lovely indeed, he is surely a fashion lover in my own opinion



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