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Ever wondered how some fashionistas put together colors that are eye-catching and fabulous colorful outfits? Well i do sometimes and am sure some of you do too. I am not a lady of many colors, though i wear them sometimes, but i like to see it on people and i thought i should share the little i know about colors with you guys.

I did some research on the background of colors so i will start from the primary colors, this will help you understand colors better.

 The three basic, primary colors are yellow, red, and blue. In theory, you can mix absolutely any color from this initial set.
If you mix all three primary colors in equal parts, you're supposed to get the color black. However, in reality you hardly ever do get black.
When you mix any two primary colors, you get the secondary colors:
♦   yellow and blue produce green,
♦   blue and red produce purple,
♦   red and yellow produce orange.
This leaves each primary color with a complementary color (mixed from the other two primaries). The complementary pairs are:
♦   red/green,
♦   yellow/purple, and
♦   blue/orange.
Each pair complete each other to produce a neutral color.

In other words:
a) you mix two primary colors into a secondary (orange, purple, or green),
b) then you add the third primary color (which wasn't in the first mix) ...
and your three primaries reunite before your eyes. 

On the third level, we now mix primary with secondary colors, all the way round the color wheel chart (this is where the fun really starts!)
These mixtures are called 'tertiary' colors.
Here's what you get:
♦   blue (primary) + green (secondary)
= turquoise
♦   blue (primary) + purple (secondary)
= blue-violet
♦   red (primary) + purple (secondary) = red-violet or crimson
♦   red (primary) + orange (secondary) = red-orange
♦   yellow (primary) + orange (secondary) = yellow-orange
♦   yellow (primary) + green (secondary) = lime green

I believe the breaking down of colors helped, Now lets make use of the color wheel. The color wheel is an excellent wardrobe tool! In fact its my help when i am confused sometimes and figuring it out isn’t too complicated. Here’s a quick breakdown:

You can make the following combos using the color wheel as your guide:
1. Colors directly next to each other (i.e. yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet and blue-violet, etc.)
2. Colors that form right (90 degree) angles with each other (i.e. yellow and red-orange; blue and violet-red; green and orange, etc.)
3. Colors directly across from each other (i.e. yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, etc.)
4. Colors that form a T (i.e. blue, orange, and violet-red; yellow, violet, and red-orange; yellow, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)
5. Colors that form an X (i.e. blue, orange, violet-red, and yellow, violet, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)

Since brown is a neutral color, it will go with virtually any color on the color wheel. You can pair a chocolate brown with cobalt blue or fuchsia or bright red—such a fun and bold combo right?. Of course white, black, and the hues of blue found in denim are also neutrals that go with just about anything.
You can also use the color wheel when coming up with color combinations for your makeup. It can help you decide which makeup color to wear so that you don’t match your eyeshadow with your outfit.
Also, you can pair colors that are in the same family together but in different shades or you just stick to your primary colors, below i paired  different shades of blue and two of the primary colors (its not safe to use more than two bright colors in an outfit).

*whew* I hope i made some sense and this helps someone. If you have any questions, kindly drop a comment below or send me a mail.

Enjoy the rest of your week.



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  7. Lovely! I've always had a problem with combining colours so i tend to stay on d safe syde,buh now I'm gonna b more confident with d help of ur colour wheel..thanks dear

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  11. I looooove this
    Easy and exact
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